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Access short training modules that provide a step-by-step walk-through on using PearsonAccessnext and tasks for computer-based testing.

Modules to Assist with Pre-Administration Tasks

Student Registration/Personal Needs Profile gives an overview of the steps for ordering materials and updating selected accommodations for computer-based testing and paper-based testing

Accessibility Features and Accommodations outlines the accommodations for computer-based and paper-based testing

Infrastructure Trial for Technology Coordinators gives an overview of the steps to prepare for and administer an Infrastructure Trial

Infrastructure Trial for Test Coordinators and Test Administrators gives an overview of the steps to prepare for and administer an Infrastructure Trial

Creating Sessions gives an overview of the steps to create sessions for computer-based testing (CBT)

Web Extensions gives an overview of installing Co-Writer and Read&Write Web Extensions for computer-based testing (CBT)

Modules to Assist with Tasks to Complete During Testing

Moving Students Between Sessions explains how to move students from one session to another session using the PearsonAccessnext User Interface.

Resolving Incorrect Accommodations During Testing discusses the steps to update a student's PNP after starting computer-based testing without the correct accommodation.

Sessions Management explains how to prepare, start, manage, and stop computer-based test sessions.

The PAN Dashboards module explains how to access, navigate, and change settings for the PAN Dashboards.

Recorded Demonstrations of PearsonAccessnext Tasks

The following recorded screenshares demonstrate how to complete these listed tasks within PearsonAccessnext in preparation for an Infrastructure Trial.